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Product Photographer

Product photographs or commercial photographs are essential to the proper representation of any brand. If you look in magazines, on Amazon, in online stores or on social platforms, you can see that photographs play a big role in getting noticed. Whether you sell online or not, investing in stunning photographs of your products can be the difference between a successful business and a failed business.


How to get your products

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Here is a general approach, it may vary depending on the project:


1. Send me an email first with as much information as possible about your product and the photos you would like to have even if you don't have a lot of ideas.

2. I will review it and respond to you with a few specific questions if necessary.

3. Once everything is clear, I will make you an offer (number of photos, date, estimated delivery, price, etc.)

4. You review the offer, once approved we get started. (A 50% prepayment may be requested, depending on the job)

5. I take the photos. It could be in my studio at home, in a rented studio, with a model or not, etc. depending on what you need (points 1 and 2). There could be a trial run before the final shoot that way we can discuss some points as needed.

6. Once the photos are finished, I will edit and retouch them personally (I have over 20 years of experience in image editing). I do not subcontract any image retouchers, so I can guarantee high quality work for my client.

7. I will send pictures to you for review. correction will be made as needed.

8. You will get you photos via internet transfer and the final payment should be done at this point.

If you are sending the product to me:

If you send me the product:

1. Only use tracking packages with DHL, UPS or FEDEX

2. Include an 0 invoice if sent from a country other than Hungary.

3. Send the package to the address specified in the offer.

4. Include the phone number given in the offer.

5. You will be charged for any additional cost if any (tax or shipping tax). 

6. If the products are to be returned to you, you must provide me with the necessary document. UPS pickup is a great option.



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